If you still associate Nashville with a certain type of country music, that of rhinestones and cowboy boots, of stetson wearing troubadours singing about being loners, of The Grand Ole Opry, pickup trucks and fringed jackets, Jacob Rice is here to show you how things have changed.

As his debut EP “Whatever Floats Your Boat” neatly proves, country music, like all music, has moved with the times. Rice’s music is tinged with elements of poised pop, spacious soulfulness, and bluesy resonance but still that spirit of place that marks out music that falls under the vague and vast umbrella we call Americana.

And it is that ability to wander away from the pure traditions of country music that makes his music both stand out from many of his competitors as well as act as a beacon into a bright new future for the genre. “Whatever Floats Your Boat” promises to gather followers and friends across the board. Country fans will find enough of their favorite core sounds at the heart of the songs, pop-pickers will love the accessibility, and those more discerning blues and soul fans will adore its late-nigh vibes and understated ways. In fact, it is hard to think of anyone who isn’t going to find plenty to love in its sonic charms.

Mark your calendars – “Whatever Floats Your Boat” is out on August 19 worldwide. Check out Jacob Rice’s discography via your streaming platform, like Spotify. Visit his official website for his tour dates to see him perform live!




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