Itty Bitty ! – Check’a Fred (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taken from the album ‘’Check Mate !‘’, ‘’Itty Bitty !‘’ sums up Check’a Fred’s playboy lifestyle in one neat and accessible song. It is a song both for the nightclub and of the nightclub, the perfect groover to get people on the dancefloor and a look into Check’a’s lifestyle and outlook on the world.

It is a track which exists where hip-hop cool meets a chilled dance groove, blending wandering and beguiling electronica with slow but effective beats, the result being both sultry and sassy. And lyrically, Check’a throws out some deft lyrics, salvos of words which describe the world of clubs and of the chase, of heady nights and hedonism, of a misspent youth and all of the excitement that goes with living such a life.

It’s the sound of cutting edge hip-hop, its the vibe of modern club culture and it is the sound of young people living life to the full. And why not?

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