It was none other than John Lennon who reminded us that, “Whatever Get’s You Thru The Night, s’alright.” Certainly not a new sentiment but rarely has it been expressed in such a sassy manner. But it is an idea that remains relevant and which is perfect for updating via new sonic expression and musical repackaging. Perhaps never more so than now.

And It’s Okay (Not to Be Okay) is Abby K’s perfectly timed reminder of just such an idea. As the world rages around us and people deal with the fall out of pandemic and political division, economic hardship and culture wars, it is worth remembering that no one person has the answer of how to deal with such emotional shrapnel. She reminds us that it is okay not to be dealing with things particularly well, that whatever you need to do, however you need to act, whatever outlet you find, or crutch you need to lean on…to use the words of the aforementioned Beatle…s’alright.

As a piece of music, it is a lilting and lovely slice of chilled pop, Abby’s voice being conversational, fresh and accessible yet her words poignant, powerful and wonderfully wise. It chimes along, mixing ambience with gentle beats, musical understatement with lyrical prowess and is the perfect reminder that in such times we do all need each other and we should all make allowances for each others coping mechanisms.

Community, society, humanity are best judged perhaps not when things are at their most harmonious but when those who make up these groups are at their most needy. Perhaps it is how we respond to each others needs, how we tolerate, empathise, understand and help each other,  which says most about who we are collectively.

I guess we have always known that but sometimes we need reminding. And some times such reminders come along as cool pop songs!

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