1480495_579517912116646_1860615955_nA couple of observations. Music that you readily relate too often has an element of the familiarity about it. Nothing ever changes but the shoes. Uh? What I am getting it is that when you put on a night of live music featuring young, fashionable, cutting edge bands, it is great to realise that the band that played to the biggest crowd, had the most purchased CD of the night , the band on most peoples lips were one who were effectively channelling a long tradition of electric blues rock given only the gentlest tweak for the modern market. That band were The Greasy Slicks.

Whilst so many bands are looking to create their own sound through convoluted vocal styles and cross genre fusions with an eye on the fickle fashion of the youth market, The Greasy Slicks wear their “art on their sleeve”. It is a sound that has been wielded before from the likes of BB King to Led Zeppelin to Burning Tree to The Hoax, proving that great music does stand the test of time and people serious about such music, no matter how complex their hair style or how skinny their jeans can’t help but be drawn to it.

The three tracks on their latest release, Into The Night, tells you everything that you need to know as it moves from Page-esque muscle riffs on the title track to the country punk beats of Messing With My Head to the more chilled and contemporary Wild Ones, all with total ease.

There is a famous quote that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But I would add that those who do remember the past are free to take its finest moments, hone and refine them and use them to build bridges into the future. The Greasy Slicks do just that.

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