Into The D.A.R.K.NESS – YT (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is redemption in creativity. More and more often people are turning to artistic pursuits – art, poetry, writing and particularly music – to help combat inner demons and past problems and that is exactly the reason that Austin Arndt was drawn to the music making process. Under the name YT (a stylised version of the nickname Whitey) he makes “recovery music,” a way of talking about issues close to his heart, of unleashing pent up energies, of exorcising demons and hopefully connecting with others who have fought and continue to fight their own, similar battles.

His is a hard edged and brooding urban sound, a blend of classic hip-hop grooves and incendiary rap, powerful lyrics powered by equally forceful music. But although he works in an area of music where it might seem as if everything has already tried, he still manages to blend the familiarity of those genres core sounds with something more exploratory and unique. Run leans on some classic hip-hop sounds blended with bullets of modern lyrical attitude, Boogieman is formed out of claustrophobic atmospheres and sonorous beats and Like A Track Fiend is a flowing, swaggering sonic slice, full of skittering trap beats and shimmering electronica.

Exorcising demons is a painful process, it is also a necessary process, but rarely does it result in something this forward thinking, this beguiling, this inspiring. I guess it just underlines the fact that pain and pleasure are really just two sides of the same coin!

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