Like all good songs, Inside Out seems to swerve classification, not that such things matter too much in this post-genre world that we find ourselves in. But, depending on how you look at the song it could be sonically filed way in any number of categories. Approach it from one angle and it is an unashamed pop song, albiet poised and deftly fashioned. Come at it from another view point and you’ll see the gentle folk-infusions which lie at its core. And then there are the lilting dance beats which it runs on and the R&B vibe that it gives off.

But it doesn’t really matter what you call it, songs are for listening to, not labelling, after all. And, all that really matters is that it is a great song; it is subtle and subtle as it plays out before you and Emma Withers sumptuous vocals make for a gorgeous focal point – warm, inviting, versatile and dynamic.

Inside Out is the perfect balance of grace and groove, it allows itself enough space to let the light in yet has enough going on within that it connects with the listener, lyrically, emotively and even resonates at a much deeper level. Or, to put it another way, it talks to the listener’s head, heart and also their soul. Isn’t that what you want music to do? Can’t mainstream music be both addictive and smart?

And if this is the sound of pop music to come, I, for one, welcome it. Let’s wave goodbye to the era of songs that rely on dance routines and studio gimmicks, on puerile videos and style over substance presentation and usher in a time where real song-crafting, deftness, delicacy and understated infectiousness (if such a thing is even possible, but you know what I mean) lead the way. Songs like Inside Out.

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