Music, like all art, and indeed life itself, is at its best when it is difficult to define, swerves expectations and can’t be easily put into one easily defined category or another. And it is just such an attitude that has always driven Daniele Sentinelli approach to music making. Whether it was making atmospheric synth music, ornate prog rock or the progressive metal that is the signature sound of Noph’N, it has been the unexpected additions and stylistic fusions which have made his sonic creations more than the sum of their parts.

Inside Me, on the surface at least, sounds like it fits neatly into a nu-metal box or a heavy progressive rock pigeon-hole, but each play not only reveals more about the music but pushes it even further away from easy categorization.

Whether it is the swooning and sensual violins that lead us in, the dark, brooding undercurrents or the soul-searching lyricism. It could be the atmosphere and anticipation built through the clever use of space and the symphonic synth washes. Or the spoken word interlude and the fact that the front loading of the heavy beats rather than the guitars, which stay at a more respectful distance, which results in an almost dance-infused groove.

Actually, it is all these things and more that make Inside Me a song that skirts the borders of many music genres but never sits that comfortably into anyone, and that makes it such a neat musical prospect.

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