Whilst we seem to have half the music community happy to bury their heads in past nostalgia and overtly plagiarised sounds, the other so desperate to be ahead of the curve that their mad musical machinations leave most people scratching their heads, it is good to know that looseleaf is a band that gets it. They get that we shouldn’t forget the past nor look too far into the future and in doing so they give us Ink, a song that revels in classic sounds as much as it does ultra-modern groove and production and the result is a sound that will gracefully usher us into the future. Maybe the punks got it wrong after and  it is all about evolution rather than revolution after all!

Building their platform with a the sort of bass run that immediately conjures uptown, 50’s cocktail bars, they mix in deft and delicate pianos, great vocals and very little else. And it is this “very little else,” this space, which does a lot of the work for them, it allows atmosphere and anticipation to grow between the music and in the pauses for breath between the words. But for all its nods to past sounds and long lost scenes it also sounds very much of the here and now, and that strange brew of old school jazz sophistication and chill out modernity is exactly why it will stand out against any pop, indie or dance tune that feels brave enough to take it on. Less, it would seem, is more….a lot more!

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