I’ve said more than once before that one of the advantages of making instrumental music is that there aren’t any lyrics to pull or push the listener’s imagination around or to take them to places they might not otherwise have journeyed to on their own. But of course, there is another reason why instrumental music has the edge over its narrated or sing-along brethren, and that is because, without a vocalist howling what can often be best described as unpoetic nonsense over the top of everything, you can really appreciate what is going on in the music itself.

And that is certainly the case with Infinite Singularity. Although the song does occasionally explode into Center Mass Universe‘s trademark big sounds, there is something more intricate and understated at work for much of its six-and-a-half minutes.

Just the intro of picked guitar and spacious beats is evocative, then as spiralling guitar motifs coil around its sonic heart and the beats become busier, waves of electric tone and texture add layer upon layer, slowly becoming more monolithic, more anthemic, more cavernous in their form.

And you can only appreciate this slow but steady build because of the lack of lyrical distraction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of poeticism, clever lyrics, wordplay and the like; I am a writer, after all. No, I really am. But when the music itself, the various builds and lulls, the interplay between instruments, the astuteness of the beats and revolutionary rhythms, are this beguiling, this damn clever, why would you confuse the issue by covering the work with lyrics.

It would be like throwing a tin of Alphabeti Spaghetti onto Monet’s Water Lilies, would it not?

More information at – https://centermassuniverse.com/home

Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eLW5YCVTC1dO6FldG4Qxi?si=5lI4w39sSOC3YUdpLHfXgg

Center Mass Universe release their debut album on 17th September 2023

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