Music is able to reach new heights when it wilfully hops genres, better still, when it seems unaware that genres even exist in the first place. Good Spells’ latest release falls into this latter category.

In For The Kill is built on a swirl of genres, but so deftly are they mixed and merged that the result is that the song either defies categorisation or perhaps deserves a whole new label to be invented. It might be cinematic pop. It could be an exciting new move in the chilled-out dance world. It could be ambient electronica or cinematic soundtracking. Its dark and delicious designs also see it bordering on the gothic realms. It is all these things and more. Much more.

And its air of mystery and otherworldliness is matched by a gorgeous video that seems to be a shaded and apocalyptic sci-fi short. One that needs to be expanded into a film in its own right.

Between the beguiling visuals and the gorgeous soundtrack, this audio-visual package, if thoroughly explored and further expanded, could be the blockbuster indie breakthrough movie of the moment, in the not-too-distant future. Or it could remain a cool and beguiling track with visuals to match. Either way, it is a remarkable achievement.

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