They say that you should never judge a book by a cover. Sound advice. Today I learnt that you should never try to second guess music based on titles and images. As I got ready to put digital pen to virtual paper I have to say that I expected to be audibly treated to some sort of run of the mill chart orientated pop. I shouldn’t make assumptions but my review pile is full of female artists trying to achieve world domination via the medium of a second hand dance beat and a hollow R&B groove so you can forgive me to some degree. So imagine my surprise when Amel D’s unique vocals burst forth from the speakers followed by some hard and heavy music to drive it. Throw away pop this is not, we are truly in the realm of deft and dangerous sounding rock. Hurrah!

And whereas the choices on the rock music menu these days seem to be between denim patched classic rockers re-inventing the musical wheel and identikit, black clad alt-rockers with complicated hair and an overinflated sense of their own importance, Amel D brings us something different and it makes for the most refreshing change. Yes, rock this most certainly is but it stands out from most of what is going on in that genre. I’m Your Rain is melodic and accessible but is delivered with aggression and swagger. It also has a wonderful dynamic, rising up from fairly understated verses into sky-scrapping choruses. Best of all it sounds fresh yet familiar meaning that those looking for rock’s next step as well as those happy with things the way they are will find lots to like here.

And then there is Amel D’s voice. It is obvious that she has range and control but  it is the rawness and passion with which she fires off these lyrical salvos that sets her apart from most female singers working in similar territory.  It’s a great song and a great performance. Books and covers eh? I guess Amel D put me right on that score. Fair play.
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