I’m Not Spinning –  Flat Earth People Music (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

512flatearthIt’s funny how the idea of a flat earth has become a major point of contention, a stand against academia, experts and scientific thought. I’m not really sure where these particular Flat Earth People stand, whether they are for, against or just being wilfully controversial, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter, it is just a hooky title for a hooky song, a song which comes on like a ambient dub jam for the back bedroom studio age.

Stripping dub and reggae down to its core essence and then blending it with hypnotic electronica, some subtle acoustic guitar motifs and a repetitive vocal trip. Chants would be a fine thing! And indeed they are and this mediative chant is the perfect chill out track, a gentle, late night come down, a mind altering mood inducer and dark and delicious background music all in one.

Some music is about grand statements, high drama and attention seeking, I’m Not Spinning is everything that isn’t, effortlessly cool, understated, restrained, intriguing and entrancing…electro-dub for a new age.

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