10628073_1563943903827817_1130988972979710355_nIf there is such a genre as Northern street-pop, then the king of it is Scott Powell aka LazyEye, a man who just seems to have a natural understated cool swagger to everything he does. Here we find him tipping his hat to a Nashville vibe but still managing to sound more Twisted Wheel than Grand Ole Opry, resulting in a strange combination of The Coral meets Waylon Jennings….very odd indeed.

Play I’m A Stone

Odd in concept maybe but not in execution as what gets delivered is a wonderful slice of accessible acoustic pop, exactly what you would expect given the track record. Great work as ever, made even better by the fact that all profit goes to charity and begs the question who would have thought that there were any real cowboys in Stoke on Trent….well, apart from that guy who did my extension that is!

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