I Want More – Silverback Colony (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Silverback Colony, (great name by the way) has been a revolving door for the great and the good of the musical world since its inception nearly a decade ago, with one permanent member in the form of the beard-stroking Gabriel Douglas at the helm of the musical ship. Here, aided and abetted by multi-instrumentalist Kai Brewster, he steers his alt-country, rock and roll vessel through more cosmic waters, via a reflective, minimal yet sonically lush, lullaby-like slice of dreaminess.

Over its proggy and epic-length journey it wanders from torch-song, a voice and piano lament, to a truly luxurious weave of spacey rock and lucid-dreaming taking in spiralling guitar work and wide-screen cinematics, trippy vibes and subtle string washes. 

The song comes with a number of other mixes too, the shorter Acoustic Mix offers a real howl of search-searching anguish, a 3 a.m. cry of despair, the sound of an almost non-existent guitar and a soul at breaking point and the Quickie Mix takes it from the sound of a stark, bar room wake to an understated anthem for the forgotten and the disenfranchised.

A truly great song is one which can be reinvented, re-cast, re-scored across any number of sounds and styles. This is a great song.

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