Music is at its best when it is adventurous and searching, experimental and eclectic. I’d much rather listen to a track that I didn’t reasonably expect and perhaps done quite understand, a track that makes me stop and think about some aspect of music and songwriting, music which is happier to stand on its own two feet, which follows its own agenda than someone merely trying to fit in with fad or fashion.

The Truth Tale makes just such music. Even trying to place or categorise a song like I See Things…makes you realise what a post-genre world we are now in. Part groovesome post-punk, part forward-thinking alt-rock, part fist in the air sing-along, part salvos of affected guitar, it is a song of the modern age. But even having said that, it is different from what you will have heard before. That said, it isn’t “out there” in the total sense of the term, but it is “out there” enough to be hard enough to define. And that is the art of how you keep the musical landscape moving forward and interesting to explore.

Don’t worry about the exact nature of the musical vehicle; enjoy the ride.

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