I Love You So Much – Bhavani Hope  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if dance music was more than the sum of its parts? More than the infectious rhythms and the solid, martial beats, more than the euphoric highs and the falling lows that help carve the dynamics from solid sound, more than just the stylish accompanying videos…and this has a particularly stylish accompanying video…more than the sing-along-lyrics and the dance along grooves. Imagine that. What you have just imagined is the latest song from Bhavani Hope.

Because yes, it is all of those things, it revels in all the necessary attributes of the pop-infused EDM, mainstream clubland floor-filler. But it also has sentiment. And although the sentiment it expresses is by and large a repetitive, simple, one-liner, it is this hypnotic and relentless expression which makes all the difference. Rather than try to explain itself, rather than confuse the issue with tangents and examples, delivering cliched soliloquy’s and over-used images, rather than water down the idea, it just underlines, repeats, drives and delivers the message. And that is how love works! Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

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