The deft blend of sophisticated neo-soul, soothing vocals, R&B, ambient electro vibes and no small amount of pop sensibility catches your attention here. It’s the sound of an artist who sounds both cool and cultish and perfect for the mainstream. An artist who feels like a best-kept secret, for now, but who will one day, soon, be one of those artists that people will be clamouring to say, “I was into her way back when…”

The song ticks along on modern digital beats but also sounds like the classic sound of soul and R&B past. I.L.Y. knows where it is going but also understands where it comes from, the shoulders of which musical giants it stands upon.

The vocals are seductive and full of sentiment, the groove relaxed and understated, and the piano that gently chimes and charms in the background acts as the perfect balance against the more cutting-edge beat and electronica. It’s not only a place where genres meet but also a place where the past is repackaged for a bright new future.

If you want to see where soul, R&B and even the more discerning end of pop are going in the more creative quarters, this is it!

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