I Found A Lifeline – Rosalind Solomon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Faith is a very personal thing but it is through the following of those individual paths which has been responsible for much of the art and culture which defines civilisation. From awe-inspiring, ancient architecture to painted renaissance masterpieces to the voices raised in musical celebration, all have played a part in shaping the world we find ourselves in today. And in the modern world, with the ushering in of the technology which has taken the mystery and prohibitory costs out of the art of recording and distributing music and video, it is to the latter that more and more people are turning as a way of channelling their beliefs for both personal expression and as a way of spreading the word.

I Found A Lifeline is the sound of Rosalind Solomon embracing those opportunities and raising her voice up, and doing so in and modern, artistic and infectious style. Following in the traditions of early gospel gatherings and subsequent soul singers, she proves that just because she is expressing a personal message it can’t be accessible to and enjoyable for all. She has tapped into a recognisable, classic soul vocal style but the music is nothing less than the sound of the here-and-now, complete with dance floor backbeats and swirling electronica, drifting ambient sounds and pop poise.

And the video just seems to underline the simple message on display here. Solomon remains front and centre throughout, re-enforcing the personal pleasure she gets via her exuberant expressions and the whole is essentially a performance video, albeit one set against some lush backdrops.

And even if faith is something yet to find its way into your life, as a sweet, soulful sentiment, as just a soothing piece of music and lyrical expression, I Found A Lifeline is a great listen, a joyous experience. It never attempts to preach or try to draw you in, instead making its presence felt by the sheer joy which comes tumbling out of the song. How can you not feel uplifted just by being in close proximity to such warmth?

Heartfelt, honest and wonderfully sincere. What more could you ask for?

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