I Don’t Know –  Peter Sirah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Getting heard in the world today above all of the noise of social media, TV, music fads and bizarre fashions is hard, but if you already have a platform thought which to deliver your music then you are perfectly placed to get your thoughts and ideas out to the masses. I Don’t Know is just that, the musical soapbox being used to broadcast more than just great music. And it is a great piece of music, an instrumental slice of breakbeat incorporating all the fun of funk and the groove of R&B, the sultry sound of soul and the energy of the dance floor. In short an infectious tune that ticks all the right boxes no matter which genre or style you normally call home.

But the clever thing is that now Peter Sirah has your attention, he slips an anti-violence video into the package. And whereas many would deliver the message in a very stark way, trying to shock the watcher, he instead gives us a gentle cartoon themed around the idea that there are so many more constructive and enjoyable things to do than just being angry and fighting with each other.

Not only a great song but the perfect way to put a constructive idea out into the world and seed some positive thoughts. Sometimes the best way of being educated is when you are enjoying things so much you didn’t even realise that you were in class! Very clever.

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