Having spent the morning writing about a raft of songs in the country and country-rock genre Lady Redneck swaggers into view like a breath of fresh air. Not that there was anything wrong with the records I had under the pen. Far from it, they were at turns poignant and poised, sophisticated and ornate, rousing and celebratory, I couldn’t fault a single one. But everyone needs a break and when you need to come up for air from the earnest and honest confines of such songs but still stay within the same generic pastures, I Dented Your Truck ticks all the right boxes.

It lilts and bounces along like a 50’s radio favourite, a family sing-a-long which is playing for humour and heart, it runs on a laid-back, early rock and roll groove, Lady Redneck’s vocals are lush and infectious and it is the perfect escape from the real work for a few moments.

Innocence. That’s the word. Modern music is all too often overly concerned with its own self-image, the point it is trying to make, about whether it is cool enough and going to pick up the requisite amount of likes and followers. Lady Redneck doesn’t concern herself with any of that and, ironically, it is because none of those things are on her mind that she effortlessly ticks all of those boxes too.

It’s fun, it’s a throw-back to gentler musical times, it’s infectious and instantly likeable, flirty and sweet. And even if you are one of those po-faced wallflowers who still think that music is a matter of life and death, you will be tapping your foot and swaying your hips in no time. I bettcha!

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