I Am Your Queen – Ayres (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the liquid bass lines pull you in and the dark grooves and slightly hypnotic sonics flash by, I Am Your Queen feels like music from another time. Perhaps even another, parallel world. Bands such as Jefferson Airplane and The Doors caught glimpse of such a place and tried to express what they saw through song, but it would be madness to think you can communicate up even a small taste of those visions to the unsuspecting public.

Here, Ayres makes music that beguiles and befuddles, is rich in tone and texture, feels like both the cold come down of a drug fug and the sort of shamanic psychedelia which opens doorways to places that have long been closed to us.

The beat pulses, guitars chime and eldritch sounds shimmer around the edge of the song. And all the while that bassline, drives on relentlessly through the fabric of time and space. Far out!

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