I Am The Dark –  Troy Petty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I Am The Dark sits on the edge of a wonderful vanishing point, one where recognisable music forms are being sucked into a musical black hole. Pop, indie and rock strands are all enticed over the edge into this abyss but just before the colour and vibrancy are replaced by a stark grey musical nihilism, Petty weaves them into his dark design. The result is a track that links the post-punk experimentations prior to the gothic movement becoming a parody of itself with the blunt trauma that boomed at the heart of nu-metal, it summons the spirits of old blues shamans and looks to write the sound track of a dystopian future.

Lyrically it reminds critics that they too will be judged and found wanting and in its intense and brooding way becomes an anthem for the botched and the bungled, the less fortunate and those who have been left behind. It also reminds us that such categories represent all of us in some sense or another, either literally or metaphorically. We are all the dark but that is not the same as being left in the dark. Darkness has never shone so brightly as it does here.

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