13557869_10154435423396549_6229515578326651372_nEven though we constantly hear that rock music is dead, a recent slew of hefty new music through the letterbox reminded me what I really already knew. All is well and good in that sector of the creative world, it’s just that, like any other genre, the rock fraternity has to move with the times and not everyone is happy about it. Any art form has two options…evolve, adapt, move forward or keep looking over your shoulder and mumble about past glories. It is prevalence for the latter than means that most bands playing grassroots venues on a Saturday night are a classic rock cover bands or worse, a tribute to a band of that era. But when it chooses to move with the times, ahead of the times or not even bother with chronological referencing, great things can happen. Things like the latest album by Losers.


With a CV that includes such wonderfully original bands as Cooper Temple Clause, YourCodeNameIs:Milo, Vennart and British Theatre you know that the potential for good things is beyond dispute, you just might not have expected it to sound quite like this. How To Ruin… is a dark, blasted classic, simple as that. If the label Goth hadn’t been misappropriated by emo and metal listening Buffy fans but stayed true to it’s original musical connotations, it would be the right moniker for Losers second album. The clinical beats, razor wire guitar riffs, the industrial sound washes, the passive/aggressive vocal delivery, the theatrical dynamics…all reference The Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails more readily than anything in the current crop.


Raw, visceral, brooding, brutal? Certainly.…losers? Anything but.



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