We live in a world where many artists perform all manner of sonic tricks to get noticed. They fuse genres that have no business being in the same vicinity. They employ guest rappers and make videos full of dance routines. They use every gizmo and gadget available to them in the studio. And they are all missing the one fundamental rule that Stuart Rolfe knows, as demonstrated by his latest song, How Lovin’ You Goes. You get noticed by writing good songs. And this is a great song.

Even though it is a song that sits firmly in the territory of country ballad, a place where competition is rife, it is through the use of simple musical lines, unfussy arrangements and wonderfully passionate lyrics that he makes himself heard. The less is more principle being played out like an educational tool for other musicians to grasp.

It’s a song with heart; it is a song which, although coming from a personal and intimate place, is also universally relatable. This song doesn’t use volume or velocity to make its point but instead gently pulls at heartstrings. It doesn’t blind the listener with glitz and glamour; it just reminds us of the simple joys of life and love and longing, of relationships and reality.

Sometimes, it really is that simple. Why don’t more artists understand that?

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