Housework EP – Vis_g (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As this small but perfectly formed EP rises out of some traditional piano sounds and beguiling electronica, you wonder where it might be going. Modern classic fusion? Indie-dance? Ambient electronica? And then the main body of Multitasking drops into earshot and you find yourself in high-octane, clubland heaven.

Taking a low and hypnotic route through an understated drum and bass soundscape, this opening salvo is a weave of slick synths and bubbling bass pulses. It is a blend of trancey repetition and smart dynamic movement, of musical focus and dancefloor fun.

Clouds is a chiming, shimmering affair, one that blends western sound washes with an almost oriental vibe, the confident beats of the former making for an unlikely but brilliant backdrop for the delicacy of the latter. The final track on offer is Deep Down, a slightly more brooding slice of dance shot through with staccato strings and spacious interludes, negative musical spaces that help create the gentle ebb and flow and the dynamic rise and fall of the music.

Perfect for relaxing at home on a low volume, even better blasting out of the speakers of the coolest nightclub in town.

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