In an exclusive preview, Hoodoo Gurus fans across the globe can hear the band’s forthcoming 10th studio album Chariot of the Gods played in its entirety for the very first time, as eMusic Live streams a special event pre- recorded at Damien Gerard Studios, Central Coast, NSW.

The streamed set will be shared at 9:00 PM CET, March 10 ahead of the album’s official release on Friday, March 11 (Big Time Records /EMI Music) and will include members of the band online to chat with fans. It is not only a special album preview but also a thank you to loyal fans around the world who have been waiting on shows for the past couple of years. (Fans in North America who had purchased tickets to the recently cancelled tour were extended complimentary tickets to the stream by the Gurus and eMusic Live).
Tickets are $10 AUD / 7€  – available here

Lead singer Dave Faulkner describes the recording of Chariot of the Gods: “The last two years have been frustrating and nerve-racking for everyone, but for the Hoodoo Gurus, this dark cloud has had a silver lining. Forced to rely on ourselves instead of the outside world for validation, there has been a creative rebirth within the band that has resulted in a new album. Most important of all, the musical bonds between the four of us have never been stronger. When the discussions are all about which songs we’re sad about having to leave off the record, that’s a damn good sign.  I’m tellin’ ya, folks, we’ve got a real spring in our step right now.”

Tickets On Sale Now at – See here for more

Each of the album’s songs tells a different story. The album’s lead single — and first from the band in 10 years — is “Carry On,” an anthem celebrating resilience and tenacity (damn the torpedoes!).  There’s the explosive glam-stomper “World of Pain.” “Hung Out to Dry,” a politically incorrect ode to a former orange President, is only available on the limited-release double vinyl version. “Get Out of Dodge” is a song to all the non-conformists out there — anyone who feels outnumbered and can’t fit in with the unreasonable expectations of the crowd, and the punk-snarling stage-setter “Answered Prayers.” 
Celebrating their 40th anniversary (since forming in 1981), Hoodoo Gurus boast nine ARIA (Australian Record Industry Assoc) Top 20 albums, nine ARIA Top 40 singles, a host of multi-platinum albums and an induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame. They hold a singular place in Australian and international rock ’n’ roll history. Comprising members of seminal ’70s Auspunk outfits including the Victims, the Scientists, the Fun Things, Radio Birdman and the Divynls, the band were unrepentant garage rockers whose colorful personality and pop culture smarts took them to the top of the charts at home and to the forefront of international garage/alternative /power pop movements of the mid-’80s, accepted as friends and contemporaries by bands ranging from the Bangles to the Fleshtones and the Flaming Groovies to Redd Kross. The band played to packed houses across Brazil, Europe and America, making their way to the top of the U.S. College and Alternative charts on multiple occasions.


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