Music in the modern age is a bit of a double-edged sword, there is so much of it. And whilst more of anything is obviously a wonderful problem to have it does sometimes feel like you have to wade through so much average music (or worse) to get to the good stuff. Well, that’s where the Homestead series comes to the rescue.

This showcase series features the best in everything from Americana, country-rock, rootsy pop, and folk music and everything in between. They collect, shortlist and compile the good stuff to save you time.

There are straight out country groovers such as Todd Barrow’s opener Good Luck and there are delicate, emotive folk songs such as the gorgeous This Is My Rebel Song by Kate Magdelena. The Whiskey and Gin song (Maddy Reign) is fun and celebratory, a love song in the best and most honest sense of the meaning and A Hangry Man (Clark Ford) is cool country storytelling at its finest.

Brian S. Green’s Smiles Real Soft is a joyous romp through country traditions, I Thank God For This Moment, is bluesy, gospel gorgeousness from Annemarie Picerno and Matt Barfield (a song that we have already raved bout on this very site) and Durango McMurphy (possibly the coolest name in music today) wraps things up with a jaunty, rhythm and blues groove called Downtown Rodeo.

It’s a cool collection, not just if you are a fan of the more rootsy sounds, as there is something for everyone here…well, everyone with discerning musical taste. But if you do favour country, folk, blues and the like, this album is a must for you. Give it a few spins, get some new music in your life and then go off and explore any and all of the artists found here. As I say, the Homestead series exists to take the hard work out of finding new music, they have already done the heavy lifting, all you have to do is sit back, listen and enjoy.

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