Hold Your Head Up Women – Know Your Crazy Choir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, this is a refreshing change…and then some. I get so used to reviewing music that is driven by amplifier settings and effects pedals, studio gimmicks and inhuman technologies, where the lyrics and vocals seem almost an afterthought, that it is easy to forget just how pure, poignant and powerful the voice can be.

And if one, solitary voice is a joy to behold, just imagine how fantastic a whole choir of voices can be. And if you can’t imagine that, just give Hold Your Head Up Woman a spin. Actually, a few spins.

We get used to associating choral music with worship, musical theatre or more operatic settings but this is choral music as a viable, vital, vocal force, it is cool, contemporary and brilliantly executed. (Sorry, I couldn’t keep up the alliteration any longer.)

Hold Your Head Up Woman is essential listening. It speaks on modern themes, in this case of gender empowerment, and the fact that it is actually a cover of a 1972 Argent song also shows us just how slowly change comes. After all, to still feel the need to be making the same point, using the same language, via the same song 49 years later can’t be a great state of affairs for the world.

It also reminds us that music is about communication and feeling and whether you are doing that via the latest, high-tech wizardry or the honest beauty of layer voices, long may it continue.

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