Hmmm (Think About It) – Gual (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if you took all the fun bits of music and moulded them into a single song. Imagine funky grooves being woven around solid clubland beats. Imagine infectious rhythms driving soulful vibes. Imagine immediate and accessible lyrics blending around cool background harmonies. Imagine pop music taken to its ultimate form…all killer, no filler. Well, thanks to Gual’s latest release, you don’t have to imagine, you just have to listen.

That might seem like a bold statement, but Hmmm (Think About It) is a bold track, one that is the epitome of pop, but pop which hasn’t forgotten its roots. And so this coming together of pop’s past and present is also the perfect in-road into the future. Who knew that the future was going to sound this much fun? Not I, that’s for sure.

It’s all very well trying to great new generic fusions and fashioning the future out of new sonic materials but that is cutting it off from the past. Far better to look at what has gone before and allow yourself to be inspired by it, to infuse it with your own ideas, rebrand it and rework it. That’s what Gual does here and the results are nothing short of euphoric.

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