Hero –  Rockie Brown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Get Gone was a perfect storm of old school rock and roll ethic crashing into darker, underground, alt-pop machinations then Hero pursues a similar course though more inclined towards the  haunted, brooding, almost post-punk end of things. As always her voice is compelling, blending together the power of a rocker, the diction of a classic soul diva and the fluidity of the modern pop performer. And once she hits her stride it is this sky-scrapping drive pitched over the dour intensity of the music behind her that creates an unexpected and wonderful vibe.

Samples and human beats, digital sounds and traditional approaches all combine to create a song that moves with the times. It is rock music staying streetwise, pop music taking a wander through some edgy parts of the sonic town it calls home, indie music re-inventing itself. In fact the music is so unique that it can call itself anything that it damn well likes. As long as Rockie Brown keeps exploring such exquisite sounds, and with the E.P. Mad World about to drop she shows no sign of stopping, then I’m more than happy.

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