Hmm, Street Outlaws: the amazingly unwatchable American shite-fest which premiered in 2013; or the full-throttle, Swindon, UK based three-piece, whose penchant for gungho-grit mayhem meets unrepentant Motorhead (they even have a song called ‘Lemmy’) whom premiered in 2018?

Luckily, ‘tis the latter, all the more substantiated with this ten-track, debut album, Here To Stay, which, all things collectively considered, does go some way in semi-revitalising the nigh impossible trajectory of their aforementioned hedonistic hero: ‘’From out of the smoke, as fast as a train, double bass drum that pounds through your brain.’’

Unsurprisingly, the band’s drummer, Richard ‘Skiddy’ Skidmore, has no need to play double bass-drum, as the altogether apex of acute controlled noise care of Messrs. Phil Powell (vocals/guitars) and Vitor Ribeiro (bass/vocals) more than musically furnish these songs with something of a punk induced persuasion.

Rather like Motorhead.

To be sure, many might deem the chaotic chorus of ‘I Don’t Watch The News’ to be more Cockney Rejects than Cockney Rejects; whilst ‘Here To Stay’ – which is more than handsomely accommodated by way of Powell’s toxic tinged guitars – arrives replete with a number of ‘Ois’ (well, nine) following this song’s chorus.

So if you’re into loud’n’proud, localised, satanic majesties, this album may just be the remedy you’ve been unknowingly searching for. 

It’s fraught, fast and Here To, Stay after all.

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