Some pop music, though using the term pop for such a song as Hello World seems to undersell its many charms, is about impact and bombast, a quick and fairly obvious hit that swaps subtlety for a sonic sugar high. Thankfully, I can report that Bianca M makes music that is the sheer opposite of such gimmick driven music. Unlike much of the heavily auto-tuned competition, she has an exquisite, confident and dynamic vocal, one that feels more at home in the classical or theatre world but which suits this rich and elegant take on pop so well. And that voice becomes the focal point of the song.

And once you have such a gorgeous sound centre stage, musically the job at hand is little more than to frame or gently cloak it in delicate sonic trappings, to compliment it rather than compete with it.  This is achieved by threading spacious piano lines, distantly epic guitars, seductive strings and eventually a simple beat around it, though you think that even without such sounds underlining the gorgeousness of Bianca’s voice, it would be a compelling listen even as an isolated, a cappella track.

Perhaps this is the wake up call that pop music needs to raise its standards, though I suspect few would be up to the task. Maybe that is for the best as it means that Bianca M is able to almost be a genre in her own right. Classical-pop? Cinematic-indie? It doesn’t really matter what you call it as there aren’t going to be enough fellow artists matching such standards that you are going to need a group name or generic label for such music anyway. 

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