1451504004_peter2One advantage of the medium of music, specifically the lyrical connection a song might have with the listener, is that you are free to interpret the words and apply the message found within in anyway that works for you. And whilst the devotional aspect of Peter Unger’s song is clear, the sentiment is one that even those on a different path can find meaning in. The directionless toil of an unfocussed life and the search for a fresh start is relevant to all walks of life.

And even if the lyrical component of the song isn’t for you, musically the song moves along some musically deft lines, one built from dexterous and unfussy acoustic work, clean vocal delivery and pretty much nothing else. It is exactly what you would expect from an award winning songwriter, but there is more two it than mere mechanics. There is a quiet grace to the whole thing, a calm that comes from not just the reflective nature of the lyrics but from the gentle nature of the music as well and when taken as a whole makes for a very sweet combination.

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