Headwreck – Press Club (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a glorious racket, and I mean that in the most constructive and positive sense. This is the sort of song that the more tribalistic elements of the scene will all argue over and try to claim it as their own. Punks will point to the inherent energy and edge that comes flying out of the speakers, the alt-rock fraternity will defend its four-four roots and foot on the monitor swagger, emos will make you aware of its angsty and pent up subject matter and indie kids will defend its effortless cool and accessibility.

Thankfully in this post-genre world such debates are redundant and what you have in Headwreck, from the forthcoming Late Teens album,  is a song that is impossible to ignore, which pulls no punches and manages to take established musical building blocks and re-arrange them into something totally recognisable yet fresh, up-to-date and on the money. Not only a great musical onslaught but in Nat Foster they have an incendiary frontwoman who I’m sure is going to be a name that you are going to hear bandied about in no small way this year. Who cares what Headwreck is generically, isn’t it enough to fall in love with it? I know I have!

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