Head in the Clouds – Reverse Mechanic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even an old rock cynic such as myself occasionally has to admit that pop has its place. Sometimes we don’t want to think too much, don’t need to look for hidden meanings, can do with out the elitism and the analysis, can manage without the need to score cool points against other like minded souls. Sometimes a neat hook, a quirky delivery, a groovesome riff and a simple end goal can eclipse all of that.

Head in the Clouds is one of those times. A simple song with a straightforward raison d’être, it’s just trying to put a smile on the listeners face. Perhaps that is enough. Perhaps that has always been enough and somewhere along the line we…and by we, I mainly mean me…forgot that it is all about simple pleasures. Head in the Clouds is all about simple pleasures. It’s also about a cool groove, an instant connection with the listener and an infectiousness that listening to no amount of early Rush albums or Echo and The Bunnymen singles will eradicate. Was music always this straight-forward? Have I been getting things wrong all this time? Damn!

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