You see, a whole bunch of dance music it just slots itself all nice and cosy into what some might call the mainstream. It plays by the rules, sticks to the script, and does the same ol’ dance we’ve seen before. Now, head a little to the left of that spectrum, and you’ll find those underground impulses, crafting tunes that might raise an eyebrow or two, tunes that swap out the expected for the exploratory.

But keep on truckin’ to the left, and you stumble upon something like “He Realized” by Motortaski. This right here is music that’s perfectly content to go from exploration mode to full-on experimental, maybe even dip its toes in the avant-garde pool. Motortaksi isn’t afraid to kick those conventional structures to the curb and replace ’em with something far more enchanting, something that pulls you in deep instead of just serving as a dancefloor backdrop.

Now, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, “He Realized” checks off plenty of dance music boxes. Once it finds its groove, it’s got that confident, steady beat; it throws in some breakdowns and build-ups, it’s got those ever-shifting dynamics. You could plop it down in the chill-out room of any forward-thinking, progressive club, and it’d fit right in.

But it’s more than just that. It’s straddling the line between dance music and sonic art. It offers up a hint of familiarity but revels in the realm of the unknown. You catch a faint echo of the past, but it’s fixated on the path ahead. Dance music of the future, you ask? Maybe. Art through sound? Absolutely.


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