Different music fits different occasions, we all know that. Sometimes you want a soundtrack to set a mood. At other times you might be looking for a soothing sound to help you relax or the time might be right for music that forces you to think. But when you just want something euphoric and full of life, something which is all about forgetting the worries of the world and which helps you put the working week behind you, then Ender Bender is the man you turn to.

And this time out he has even put the biggest of hints as to what this latest release is all about right there in the title – Have A Good Time – and it is a song that does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak.

Leaning into some ’80s, Day-Glo, synth influences, it is a collection of grooves and moves designed to get even the most ardent wall-flower onto the dance floor. Have A Good Time feels like a well-timed antidote to these dark and difficult days, it is the perfect soundtrack to the summer and might even be seen as a rallying cry as we emerge from lockdowns and social distancing and step back into some form of normality.

Joyous, infectious, fun and full of life! What more could you ask of a pop single?

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