Give this third single from Amacio Favor a spin and it is immediately clear the sonic furrow that is being mined here and the influences that are contributing to the sound. There is a clear ’90s grunge groove going on here but because they opt for the Mudhoney/Pearl Jam end of things rather than the punk/pop hybrid of bands like Nirvana, this more accessible alt-rock sound easily moves with the times.

It means that whilst you could have a good guess at what you might find in their record collections, the music is as relevant today as it would have been at home back then.

Hate to Love is built on solid riffs and cavernous crescendoes of guitar noise, drums beat out a thunderous tattoo and Amacio’s voice sits perfectly in that dark and melodic place that such a sound needs.

Grunge might have been specific to a time and place, it is perhaps even a sound that many consider being consigned to the past but Amacio Favor proves that if done properly it is still a sound that has a part to play in the modern rock scene. If you doubt the point I’m making, just give Hate to Love a few spins, it won’t take you long to come around to my way of thinking.

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