Hard To Be Sad in Nashville – Chris Pietrangelo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

CoverIf there is one form of music that seems best equipped to do the whole love, loss and longing routine, country music seems to have all the tools to hand, and Chris Pietrangelo’s latest release is the perfect proof. But of course the art of getting such songs right is walking that fine emotional line. Stray too far one way and you end up in maudlin and misery, too far the other and you find yourself in cliche and pastiche. Thankfully Chris is the master of some fancy sonic footwork and delivers a song which is wistful and reflective, with just the right about of regret. He doesn’t ask us to feel sorry for him, it is more likely that you would just pour him a drink after the show and discuss “the ones that got away.” We’ve all been there brother.

Musically it blends cool and understated riffs with gently picked acoustics, banks of great harmonies and the right mix of drive and restraint to build effective musical dynamic but more than that it is fundamentally a good song. No, it’s a great song, and whilst its head may be in Nashville, its heart in Memphis, its future is definitely global.

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