Hard Times – Kind Country (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

If you were to imagine a night out at a country bar, one of those joints you see in the movies where the Budweiser flows, girls wear denim skirts and the men are in trucker caps, well the soundtrack would probably be something like the music Minnesota band Kind Country make.

From the get go it’s clear that this is going to be an entertaining listen, well written songs underpinned by your traditional country band ingredients of guitar, fiddle, mandolin, drums and double bass – throw in some banjo and pedal steel guitar – and you’ve got the makings of an old fashioned hoe down. The energy and musicianship is the star of the show hear, songs like ‘My Way Down’ with it’s intricate mandolin playing (if mandolin is your thing, check out the intro to following track ‘Daybreak In Dixie’) ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Ride On To The Dream’ will get your toes moving. Or, for a change of pace check out ‘Luigi’ where the band tackle a few rhythm changes underlining the skills on their chosen instruments. If this is how good the band is in the studio, one can only imagine how infectious and enjoyable a live show would be!

The band are known for improvising songs on stage, a skill that only comes about with trust in your band members and the ability to go with the flow when one of the band decides to wander off-piste. Obviously, it can be worrying for less experienced musician’s, but this band isn’t about that, this is a band going full throttle when needed and hoping the music and the audience are able to keep up with them.

If you needed a neat little sum up of the album, simply put its country music to dance to, the type of music that gets the bloody pumping, your joints moving and a soundtrack to a great night out.

I’d even go as far as to say it’s worth finding a gig and catching a flight to see it!

I can see this album hovering around my cd player for a few months yet.




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