Haramacy gives voice to marginalised communities

re_use Haramacy - Full Poster (Red)On April 23 – 27th 2019, re_use will aim to act as a catalyst for cross-cultural engagement in London for artists from marginalised communities, creating a space for them to explore intersectional social systems (race, gender, class and ethnicity) that exist within their communities as well as their peers.

Entitled Haramacy, the inaugural re_use program in London will focus on engaging with Middle Eastern and South Asian artists with the aim of creating a framework for them to collaborate and create.

Haramacy will be comprised of a five-day multi-arts program hosted at The Albany in Deptford, South East London as part of their ‘Rebels Season.’ UK-based Middle Eastern and South Asian artists will partake in a four-day collaborative residency and one-day festival to explore the complexities of diasporic experience. During the residency days, open hours will be held for guest mentors and the public to engage with the artists. On the final day, artists will present their works through a festival of storytelling, talks, music and audio-visual performance in correlation with The Albany season’s theme which celebrates outsider narratives.



Harnaam Kaur

Sarathy Korwar

Zahed Sultan

Moshtari Hilal

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

Moza Almatrooshi

Nouf Alhimiary

Noor Palette

Reeta Loi

Zia Ahmed

Deema Al Hugail

Alaa Kassim

Jannat Hussain

Age: 16+

Doors: 7pm – 2am  @thealbanyse8

Tickets on sale here:  https://www.thealbany.org.uk/shows/haramacy/

Follow re_use on Instagram for updates: https://www.instagram.com/re____use/

Join the event page on Facebook and invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/441422096597091/

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