Halo – tunnelmental experimental assembly (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting somewhere between those early 80’s sonic experiments, ones undertaken by disenfranchised punks swapping guitars for broken keyboards, and a modern clubland minimalist chill out zone, Halo sucks us back into the strange and wonderful world of this mercurial duo. The term punktronica is often associated with their music and it is easy to see why. Punk was after all an attitude rather than a music genre, it’s just that skinny art students wielding guitars seemed to be the point where it crossed over into the commercial conciousness. And so meld that same attitude onto a more measured and subtle dance groove and you have punktronica, I guess.

tunnelmental experimental assembly has always had something to say but they have always done so in such a way that you can think about and interpret the lyrics as best suits you. This is the power of debate and suggestion rather than preaching. Halo sees an almost staccato Shakespearean rap about religion and blind faith delivered over sweeping synths, disembodied harmonies and a groovesome dance beat, and in its perfectly timed way is a poignant and subtle inditement about what lies at the root of many of today’s problems. Money, politics, class, as well as faith have all become religions that are an excuse for entrenched ideas and hatred. Time for change!

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