Five albums in? Where has The Kundalini Genie been all my life? I mean, any band that manages to wrap such an acid-tripping, psychedelic haze around those raw and raucous guitars, that can blend a heavy shoegaze vibe with dreamy alt-rock sound, that can provide the perfect sonic collision point between orient and occident, then and now, what was and what if…well, they should be adorning my walls in the form of gig posters and framed album covers. They are not. I checked.

Then again, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, there is so much music to be listened to and so little time to do so, but I have them on my radar now and that is all that matters.

Half In, Half Out, from the forthcoming album of the same name, is a song about those people who are so sure of themselves that they set themselves up for a fall from grace, and when they do so the word “karma” is heard on everyone’s lips. Or put another way, arseholes. It’s a song about arseholes.

It’s the sound of revenge being a dish served warm…and fuzzy, and freaked out, droney and druggy, hazy and happy. It’s the sound of the ’60s happening in the ’90s and then being relocated to the here and now. If that makes any sense.

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