Never has a single been so perfectly titled. The spaciousness of the music and the soulful, not to mention tasteful, deliveries makes for a very opaque song, one that allows you to really appreciate the mechanics that it is built on…and it’s all groove.

Very often artists write songs that has a sonic engine room full of cool grooves and clever beat patterns and then cover up all of that initial effort with washes of electronica and overplayed guitar riffs. Not here. Young Sovl is smarter than that. He allows you to see where the energy of the song really comes from. After all, whether we realise it or not, when you hit the dance floor to loose yourself in even the most complex and ornate slice of dance or pop, your head might be listening to the song, but your body is moving to the groove.

And having done all of that hard work, he lightly dresses this latest single with cool banks of vocals and just the most necessary and effective instrumentation. Groove is a lesson in getting the basics right, do that and a song sort of sells itself.

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