How can you not love a song like this? (Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question!) Not only is Great Big Love full of funky, soul-pop grooves, gorgeous liquid organ riffs and infectious beats, but it is also a song about love itself. Everyone loves love right?

Great Big Love is about love in all its forms. After all, it arrives in a different format each and every time we experience it. It can be a warm caress, it can feel like being knocked down by a runaway train. It can be a subtle, delicate shade of blue or a hot blast of neon red. It can be your strongest form of defence, it can be the most fragile of things. Something that mercurial, unique and brilliant is something worth celebrating in song, right?

And celebrate it they do. South Dog Rock has created a soundtrack and tribute to the act of falling in love. It is big and unsubtle, spreading its message in no uncertain terms but it is fun and funky too, and whilst the song is up and in-your-face, it is talking about the most glorious and graceful, delicious and delicate of emotions.

It’s a pop song in all its glory, but one that takes the groove of funk music, the weight of rock and the sweet sensuality of the soul sound all of which makes it more than the sum of its parts…much more. Okay, so it is pop music but if it is, then it is pop music with the soul of a 17th-century romantic poet and the songwriting skills of a post-genre indie artist. Pop with a PhD and a big heart!

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