What better than a funky slice of neo-soul to brighten the day? And even though the song is about separation, Mae has her brave face on and turns regret into celebration as she moves on in fine style. This seven-piece band have built up a reputation for high-octane shows and a genre-hopping style and you can hear all of that in this bitter-sweet yet sassy song.

It drives along with an effortless groove, is euphoric in the extreme, wonderfully infectious and the sound of the summer all rolled into one. But it is also slickly put together, the players all leaving space for one another to shine, breakdowns allowing room for solos to come and go, lulls and crescendoes ensuring that there is a great dynamic to the song and Mae’s vocals the confident and creative icing on the sonic cake.

Not only a great song but a masterclass in arrangement and production.

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