Good Man – Drew Tha Don (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Drew Tha Don carries on the best traditions of hip-hop lyricism. Through deft and dexterous wordplay, he blends smart imagery and humour, puts the world to rights, makes his case, suffers no fools and tells it as he sees it. And he does all of this through a barrage of words and salvos of smart observations.

This is driven by booming bass lines and beats, drifting electronica and heavy grooves as he questions whether he is a good man or not. Okay, maybe not good, but better than most and certainly staying true to himself. And he is also staying true to the spirit of the genre, lyrically in tune with its traditions and past glories and musically feeling like the natural evolution of its long-established sound and style.

Hip-hop is all about sonic impact, about delivering a sound that can’t be ignored and Good Man certainly does that. Good Man or not, Drew Tha Don certainly makes good music.

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