Good Luck With That – Mr MooQ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You never know what you are going to get with the mercurial Mr MooQ, but you can rest assured that it is going to be something a bit special. For although The MooQster, I feel I know him well enough now to call him that, works in some fairly mainstream genres ….pop, pop-rock, electro, dance…. he also understands that there is still plenty of room within those areas to put his own spin on things and if not reinvent them then certainly give them a wash, a brush up and a new coat of paint.

Good Luck With That is a prime example. A slick dance fuelled pop groove, polished production and some relatable lyrics, okay not particularly groundbreaking when you write that on paper, but it is how he uses such sonic building blocks that makes the difference. Where most people working in the same dance-synthpop territory seem to be more concerned with being seen to be cool, obsessed with their own image and market themselves and their music as a packaged product, Mr MooQ just gets on with the job.

The result is a sleek, pulsing slice of dance floor infectiousness, but cleverly it feels miles away from the mainstream pack of wannabes. It’s neither ahead of the curve nor knowingly retro…it just seems…well, other. And it is this ability to just naturally be different that makes Mr MooQ the coolest kid on the dance floor.  Coolness is what happens when you are busy making other sonic plans.

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