10418286_10152157740630988_7030923599093075279_nAlthough written on the coldest day of the year in New Orleans, Gold, Silver, Diamond shimmers in a heatwave of lush vocals and minimal beats, a real party vibe, which is ironic when considered against the emptiness being conveyed by the lyrics. As a calling card for their forth album, Alix, due out in September, the track neatly sums up the bands hypnotic blend of West Coast indie, 60’s British pop, hints of 1950’s female doo-wop and a scattergun salvo of other subtle tones.


What stops this falling into the realms of pastiche and homage, as it easily could in lesser hands, is the way that these influences are pared down and channelled though a modern mind set. This is no mere plundering of existing sounds, it may be those same building blocks being worked with but they are put together in new, exciting ways and fashioned into unique, clean-limbed musical shapes.


The Indie kids will love the vocal lines and ironic lyrical/musical juxtaposition, the clubbers will dig the beats and the average mainstream listener will be hooked by it’s infectiousness, musical innocence and commercial appeal. I would say that that covers a lot of bases…wouldn’t you?

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