promo1projectionsMoulettes are normally described as alt-folk, about as broad a pigeon-hole as you could get, but on listening to their latest single, Glorious Year, any number of other labels spring to mind, folkestral, west coast chamber folk, baroque and roll, such is the scope of the sounds they embrace. Jaunty summer vibes are spliced on to an old school jig vibe, spirited orchestral flourishes sweep through the middle of the song and wafer thin textures are gently layered up like a montage of overlapping silk scarves, opaque enough to allow breathing space and atmosphere yet with enough colour to catch the sunlight and project a myriad of vivid, ever shifting colours.

 Listen to Glorious Year HERE

You can certainly see why recent tour support with Bellowhead was bound to happen, but where as Team Boden celebrate the shanties and dance tunes of the common man, the music of the working place and the pubs and music halls, musically speaking at least, Moulettes seem to be looking down on proceedings from the high windows and luxurious surroundings of the masque ball at the manor house, albeit with a re-imagined sound for a contemporary ear.

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